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Dear Joe,

I am writing to thank you for your valuable contribution to our conference prior to, but especially on Saturday.

The day was a resounding success and I am confident that the positive effects of your speech will be evident for some time to come. We will endeavour to keep that motivation going and I will watch the sales figures with anticipation.

Many thanks Joe and I wish you success.

Kind regards

Derek Hine - Managing Director, Birkby plc
Dear Joe,

Following our Group Sales Conference some five months ago, I am very pleased to report to you how successful this has proved to be.

We have continued with our initial sales message, reinforcing a focused sales culture within the business.

Your contribution to this was and has been very valuable, both in the development stages and the direct delivery. In particular, your vast experience in the sales management field and your perception of our business was of great benefit.

We are continuing to implement several sales initiatives on the strength of the results felt so far and we do thank you for advice, recommendations and continued support.

Joe, on a final note, we would like to wish you every success for the future and if we can be of any help please do not hesitate to call.

Best regards

Yours sincerely

Jacqueline Pride-Smith - Group Personnel & Training Controller, Birkby plc

Dear Joe,

Thank you for the successful presentation of your leadership development program (Manager in Transition).

For our 120 best sales managers from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, your prepared materials and power point slides are now an important, proud part of our permanent leadership development library.

How good was the program? Let me put it this way. Every manager I talked to is making plans to share your program with their under managers. They have recognized the importance of what you said by quickly making it available to their entire teams.

If there is any "complaint", it was we did not give our participants more time to digest what was offered. The content was rich. There were no wasted words. The hand-out materials were well received. Again, our managers can hardly wait to use these materials with their sales groups.

In short, you have made a positive difference in the leadership development of our group of companies.

Warm regards

Mike Malaghan - President, World Family KK

"I just wanted to let you know that I found the PSS course the most interesting and probably, the one single course with the most potential benefit, that I've ever attended. …this does not only apply to selecting individuals but also, creating effective teams through ensuring compatibility of the players, working to a common goal.…absolutely convinced this material can be of tremendous 'added value', both in the work environment and on a personal level."

George Nason - Regional Manager, Safety-Kleen UK Ltd
"I have been using Personality Survey System for our internal recruitment, skills auditing, team building and also in the recruitment process of our clients.On one occasion where doubt of such measure crept in, a decision was made to leave out your system of our own internal recruitment.

Being in the recruitment business one falls into the confidence trap of 'I know a good one when I see one', and we recruited against the advice of your device.The best that could be said of the results was that it certainly proved the accuracy of your system and reaffirmed our commitment to its continued use.We have over the years, looked at other systems on the market, many of which are not only very complicated and unwieldy to us but also very expensive in comparison with PSS.

I will continue to use your product for three main reasons, its simplicity to use, the accuracy of its results and last, but not least, its very competitive price."

Frank - Swain, Consultant Portland, Personnel and Training
"Our managers and people being assessed never ceased to be amazed by the accuracy of the results and the amount of information that is obtained by such a short questionnaire.

The job scan is very useful when putting together a job and person specification for a new job… Without which, we believe there would not be a thorough analysis of the important characteristics that should be included in the person specification. …for recruitment at all levels we find it a very useful tool… and the personality survey supports the views that have been formed at interview."

Vince Housecroft - Personnel Director, AHS Emstar

"We make extensive use of agency staff who are often selected and employed in a matter of days. As we need to take them on in a very short time-scale, it was essential we use efficient tools to assess the suitability of potential candidates.

We employed Success Dynamics' tools, techniques and training to good effect such that many of the agency staff have remained with us, bearing out the correctness of the assessment carried out during their short interview.

Naturally it is only part of the selection process but in times of urgency, it provided an important confidence check that the candidate's profile would fit that of the team."

Simon Springate - Systems and Planning Manager, London Underground Ltd

"I am totally convinced that Personality Survey and job profiling has made an important contribution to our business development."

Ken Edis - Managing Director, Edis Partnerships Ltd

"Over the many years I have used PSS, I have found that the system has provided comprehensive information, improving with each update. Those who have taken part in the analysis, with exception on one occasion, agreed with 90% of the information contained in their individual report."

Pamela Cowen (MIPD) - Personnel and Staff Development Manager
Chamber of Commerce, Trade and Industry

"I originally used PSS when I was personnel director of Estee Lauder. When I moved to Heron Suzuki it again proved very useful in a range of applications- recruitment, team building, conflict resolution and as a personal development tool. Since setting up my own business, I use it almost daily.

I have used it alone, as well as in conjunction with Myers-Briggs Type indicator TM and 16PF and have found it extremely useful. It is one of the few tools that provides insight into the differences between how people function typically, under pressure, and what sort of behavioural modifications they may be making in work at a particular time.

I have used this tool more than 4,000 times, and the cases where the results were not validated, can be counted on one hand."

John Gotting - Management Consultant, Couchman Gotting & Partners

"We have experienced rapid organisational growth, increasing demand on our recruitment resources never experienced before - a demand that required the recruitment of some 3-5 new retail operators each week. It was necessary to put in place a process that enabled us to see large numbers of people in a short period (1 day).

We chose PSS because of its relative simplicity, in terms of candidate use, remote location analysis, interpretation, and the time to administer. We report total satisfaction, and our confidence in its ability to meet our aims and objectives."

A Tompson - Personnel Manager, City Petroleum