Joe Adams - LinkedIn Testimonials (up to March 2012)

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Anthony Moss

Mike Sweeting

Marty Gallagher

Fergus McClelland

Nick Lyons

Mark House

Mark Robinson

Nicola Manning

Tony Mundella

Mike Burnage

Nadeem Mohammed

Graeme Codrington

Sara Paul

Frank Furness

Derek Williams

Peter Pritchett

Kim Smith-Bingham

Laurence Lowne

Simon Ricketts

David Marks

Damon Segal

Ian Berry

Carolyn Henderson

Fred Cairns-Palmer

Richard Willmott

Raymond Walley

"For three years I had the pleasure in being a member the Academy of Chief Executives Group 11, under the Chairmanship of Joe Adams. A true gentleman of the old school, a trusted friend, counsellor and teacher, as nothing is impossible in assistance to those individuals truly needing his help and support. Joe is always willing to go the extra mile. He is a inspirational businessman, leader and mentor, who selflessly share his passions, beliefs, life time knowledge and achievements, with those who will listen and learn. August 16th 2011

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. - John Quincy Adams”

Anthony Moss, Business Advisor at Kings House Business Centre
“What Joe always brings to the table is a mix of wisdom, insight and positive attitude. Because he believes in people they perform better, and truly excel. Because he listens and then releases people find themselves doing things they never believed possible. I have mixed with a number of Chief Execs who have received such input from Joe. What I have written above was their common story.” January 18, 2011

Mike Sweeting, MD, Acquisitions International

was a consultant or contractor to Joe at The Academy for Chief Executives
“I feel very honoured to be part of what I regard as more of a fellowship than a group. The guys have welcomed me and I will tell you that Academy for Chief Executives Group 11 has had a massive effect on me this year, principally in my personal thoughts actually even though I know it has been hugely helpful for work.

The overall impact on me this year has been much bigger than I had imagined. I’m a lucky boy Joe to be "in your gang".”

Marty Gallagher, Managing Director of Gallan Developments Limited
“When I first met Joe I noticed he had a powerful presence. You have to listen to Joe when he speaks because there are many gold nuggets for your business in a few words. If Joe looks at you or your business he has a laser beam way of seeing what you need to do - and then tells it to you in a slow calm crawl. Joe is one of those wow people. Enjoy him.” September 22, 2010

McClelland, Fergus, Owner, Vocaltrademark
was with another company when working with Joe
“Joe is an exceptional person and exceptional businessman. He has been an inspiration to me in my personal development as well as supporting and advising me in the growth of my business. His experience and advice in sales and senior management situations, dealing with tricky situations and guidance in growth strategies has been invaluable to me and my team. Joe is both a mentor to me and a good friend and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about growing and developing their business.” September 13, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Nick Lyons
hired Joe as a Business Consultant in 2006 , and hired Joe more than once
“Joe is a living legend. His energy and zest for life, business and self-improvement is boundless. He is a great inspirer, mentor and coach, and has a network that is the envy of so many people I know.” August 30, 2010

Mark House, Head of Business Management, RBS Wealth Management
was with another company when working with Joe at Adams & Associates
“Since joining Joe Adams’ Academy for Chief Executives group in 2003 I’ve got to know Joe Adams both as a coach and now consider him a good friend. In both capacities he has helped me see the wood from the trees numerous times and is without doubt one of the most influential people I have had the fortune of getting to know. Unconventional, inspirational, fearless, enthusiastic and effective all spring to mind…and you can see all of that and more in the twinkle in his eyes the minute you meet him !” June 4, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Mark Robinson
hired Joe as a Business Consultant in 2003 , and hired Joe more than once
“In 2007 it was suggested that I meet with Joe Adams with a view to improving my "client complaint" handling skills. My initial reaction to this suggestion was that I had a million better things to do with my time. I must, however, admit that, having met Joe, my time was much better spent with him than the million other things I had in mind. I found Joe to be charming, charismatic and exceedingly perceptive. The latter of which skills can be somewhat daunting. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Joe to anyone and am only sorry that I was not able to see him more often than I did. Ann Silvester, Licensed Conveyancer, McMillan Williams Solicitors For my part, I can quite wholeheartedly endorse Ann's comments and commend the value of your work and the key contribution you have played within the MW team not only with Ann, but also with other members of staff here ranging from the most senior, to secretarial staff feeling their way into a management-based role. I regret that economic circumstances have largely stymied my efforts to bring your skills to a wider forum here, but will have no hesitation in pushing you forward for further development and coaching projects once things have improved to a sufficient extent. I have, however, personally been fortunate enough to benefit from the psychometric personality profiling course run by yourself and Raymond Walley and continue to use these skills I have learned to excellent effect in the firm's recruitment and job assessment processes. Nicola Manning, Partner and Professional Manager, McMillan Williams Solicitors” June 2, 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Nicola Manning
hired Joe as a Career Coach in 2007 , and hired Joe more than once
“Joe is one of the most amazing people that I have been fortunate to meet. His enthusiasm for life and business (especially sales) is infectious and his positive attitude helps everyone to give that bit more to a project or task. He is a great business mentor and coach with his wise insights and wealth of experience; I have ignored his advice once and subsequently regretted it! With his insightful probing he can get to the nub of a problem and, more importantly, help you to find the solution. Above all he is honourable and honest, a pleasure to work with and a valuable friend.” May 27, 2010

Tony Mundella, Director, Success Dynamics
worked directly with Joe at Adams & Associates
“I have known Joe Adams for many years and highly recommend him as a leading Coach, Mentor and Facilitator. Joe has helped so many business leaders in growing their businesses while always remembering the importance of work life balance. Joe has a unique style in business with years of leading major companies balanced with great humour and fun. Mike Burnage” April 25, 2010

Mike Burnage, Managing Director, The Academy for Chief Executives
worked directly with Joe at Academy for Chief Executives
“Joe Adams successfully led Encyclopaedia Britannica for three decades working with over 600 sales reps so it’s fair to say he knows thing or two about business development. His trademark is a blue suit with the word “Attitude” on his lapel. In terms of sales performance he’s been through every scenario you can possibly imagine and knows precisely why some people underperform and others over perform. It’s for this reason I asked Joe to act as my business coach. Joe has been a great mentor me and a tremendous business coach and is an absolute inspiration. He’s had a massive influence in the way I’ve approached sales from choosing the correct channels to market through to increasing my closing ratio. His advice is simple, clear and sticks in your mind...and more importantly it works no matter what business you’re in! If anyone is looking for a business coach I would strongly recommend Joe. In my experience he’s simply the best!” April 16, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Nadeem Mohammed
hired Joe as a Business Consultant in 2009, and hired Joe more than once
“I have worked with Joe on a number of occasions, including at his Academy for Chief Executive Group and with a group of chairmen at an executive level meeting. I have always found him to be insightful, forthright and clear in his thinking. I like his personable style and direct approach, as well as his attention to detail in his engagements with me. I can certainly recommend him as a business advisor and coach.” April 8, 2010

Graeme Codrington, Expert, speaker, author, researcher, futurist, consultant, TomorrowToday
was a consultant or contractor to Joe at Adams & Associates
“Joe was brought in to train a group of Divisional Managers at Niagara Healthcare Ltd and I was fortunate enough to have been one of them. I completed the Man In Transition Training course which was a fantastic development process for myself. I can honestly say that meeting Joe and working with him spurred me on to achieve my goals and changed my life in many ways. One of the most influencial subjects for me personally was that of Financial independance - Joe helped me discover what it meant to me and set me on the path to achieving my goal. I often wonder if I had never had met Joe would I now have a property portfolio of over £1,000,000? I often review the many subjects we covered on that course and I value fondly the care & attention that he and his colleague gave me when I was going through a particularly difficult time in both my working and personal life. Joe Adams is a person that I will always recall as having a positive major influence in my life.” February 24, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Sara Paul
hired Joe as a Business Consultant in 2003
“Joe Adams is one of the best coaches and mentors of CEOs that I have ever met or worked with. I have worked with his CEO groups on a number of occassions and the quality of the CEOs in his groups are a tribute to Joe and how they have seen value in his coaching, mentoring and helping their businesses grow. I would recommend any CEO wanting to take their organisations to new levels of excellence to contact Joe Adams.” February 12, 2010

Frank Furness, International Sales & Technology Speaker, Frank Furness
was a consultant or contractor to Joe at Adams & Associates
“I've worked with Joe several times over a number of years. I'm not sure what it is with Joe but he inspires peope to do incredible things and I'm one of many who would move heaven and earth to help Joe if ever he needed me. As a Chairman and leader of groups at the Academy for Chief Executives, Joe brings HUGE amounts of experience and shares it willingly with all those around him. I've had personal feedback from many of his group members and I know that they have achieved incredible things between them. Of all the Chairman at ACE, Joe is one of the very best. If you ever get the chance to meet and work with Joe, grab it with both hands! Your life and your work will be richer for the experience.” February 10, 2010

Derek Williams, Chief Executive, The WOW! Awards Ltd
worked directly with Joe at Adams & Associates
“I have known Joe in his role as an Academy Chairman for a number of years; perhaps more importantly I know some of the members of his group (his customers).Through them I know Joe to be a wise and caring man who puts their goals and dreams right at the front of his thoughts and actions. He has a long and reliable record of helping Chief Executives, Managing Directors and business owners realise their dreams – and their businesses to achieve outstanding success. If you lead a business in central London and would like to improve your effectiveness as a leader and to enhance the performance of your business alongside 12 or so like-minded individuals you could do a lot worse than get in touch with Joe.” January 26, 2010

Peter Pritchett, Chairman - Coventry and Leicester, Academy for Chief Executives Ltd
worked with Joe at Adams & Associates
“Joe has been a major influence on my business and personal life. His experience and sound advice are invaluable. Joe has an ability to grasp issues and look at a big picture which make him an outstanding mentor.” January 26, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Kim Smith-Bingham
hired Joe as a Business Consultant in 2001 , and hired Joe more than once
“I first came across JDA, when I was just a youngster of 13 - my late father was working with EB Inc and got shown around HO, meeting Joe in the process. Many years later, I also joined the business, and eventually worked directly with Joe out of Carew House in Wallington. A great teacher and motivator, and I certainly learned the art of reverse psychology.” December 15, 2009

Laurence Lowne, Head of Recruitment and Training, Encyclopaedia Britannica
reported to Joe at Encyclopaedia Britannica
“I have had the pleasure of being a member of Joes ACE 11 group for a number of years and can honestly say that he professional, inspiring, motivational and without doubt a true expert in personal development and business strategy. He has unbeatable experience of the world of sales and an acute understanding of peoples personal makeup. A true leader and mentor.” November 18, 2009
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Simon Ricketts
hired Joe as a Business Development in 2005 , and hired Joe more than once
“I first met Joe in 1984 when he was charismatic MD of Encyclopedia Britannica. 15 years later he was very helpful to me at a time when I needed career guidance. Work with Joe if you get a chance!” October 27, 2009

Top qualities: Personable , Expert , High Integrity

David Marks
hired Joe as a Career Coach in 1999
“Joe has been a both a mentor and good friend for over 5 years now. Through his guidance I have managed to weather some heavy storms and ensured that I set my sails correctly. I hope that everyone can benefit from his experience and wisdom and would recommend him whole heartily, as an advisor, coach and mentor” October 1, 2009

Damon Segal, CEO, Action Graphic International (AGI) Ltd.
was with another company when working with Joe at Academy of Chief Execs
“I meet many people from all walks of life; few are as wise and practical as Joe Adams. He walks the walk. I recommend him highly. Best wishes Ian” December 17, 2008

Ian Berry CSP FAIM, CEO, Remacue Pty Ltd
worked directly with Joe at Adams & Associates
“Joe has been an absolute inspiration to me since I joined his Academy Group. He is the ultimate salesman, delivers his message and learning with humour and passion and shares wholeheartedly his lifetime of experiences. I feel truly blessed to know him and learn from him.” July 11, 2008

Carolyn Henderson, General Manager, Warren House
was a consultant or contractor to Joe at Adams & Associates
“Joe (or JDA) as he often called is quite simply the best Sales and Marketing Specialist I have ever worked with. In my early career with Encyclopaedia Britannica Joe was a massive influence in training me how to 'close the sales' help others get what they want first, sales management and many many other life enhancing tools that are too numerous to mention. If you are considering Joe for a project or as a partner for a business venture.... think no longer because he is in my estimation 'the man'!” January 4, 2008

Fred Cairns-Palmer, Owner,
was with another company when working with Joe at Adams & Associates
“Joe provides a fantastic service through ACE and his personal experience and enthusiasm for life.” June 18, 2007

Richard Willmott, MD, Navigator
was with another company when working with Joe at Adams & Associates
"I have worked with Joe for getting on for 20 years and have always found him to be a man of the very highest integrity and a bottomless well of knowledge and wisdom. One of the very few regrets I have about retiring is no longer being able to work with him. A man I am proud and honoured to call friend.” March 18, 2011

Raymond Walley, Product Director, Success Dynamics Ltd.