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Sales Training

First class professional skills are needed to win through in today's business environment, but can you afford to send your key staff off for a week's residential training course to improve their skills?

At Adams & Associates we specialise in 'power packed' one-day sessions that deliver results. Our expert trainers have presented our courses to hundreds of satisfied clients who send their staff again and again to learn additional skills. In an increasingly competitive business environment where current selling, management and customer care skills are essential for continued growth, Adams & Associates offer a fresh approach - our mission is to provide a competitive training solution that imparts the skills needed for success.

Professional Skills Training Programme: -

  • Practical Sales Skills
  • Handling Objections
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Closing Techniques
  • Relationship Selling
  • Management
Major Accounts Management
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Pure Sales Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Time Management
  • Customer Focus
Customer Care Course
  • Complaint Management
  • Winning Customer Loyalty
  • Adams & Associates Training
Who needs executive coaching? Why Executive Coaching? Are you super-executive material? Are there unrecognised future super-executives in your company? What tangible benefits will I get from executive coaching?

It is an undisputed fact that today's business environment is characterised by the ever-increasing pace of change and soaring levels of unpredictability. To keep on top of competition, businesses need to absorb new technologies, respond to new market trends that emerge every day, and form new types of alliances, constantly updating their structure and strategy. Companies' need for highly skilled, committed and adaptable staff has never been more acute - and that at a time when neither employers nor employees tend to offer each other long-term loyalty.

These and many other questions are looked at in our bespoke Executive Coaching courses. Click here to see the background theory in more detail


Executive coaching is always tailor-made. Each programme then evolves as the coach and client explore together the client's development needs.

While many clients know from the outset what issues they want to focus on, further development areas usually emerge in dialogue with the coach. After carrying out a joint SWOT analysis supported by psychometric measures, a plan of action and criteria of progress are agreed. It is often helpful to start with an intensive coaching programme spanning several days, with subsequent follow up at increasing intervals as new skills take root. Alternatively, coaching sessions can be spread more thinly over a longer period of time. In the interim, clients can arrange for regular contact with their coach via telephone, fax or e-mail, so they get support when they need it most.

Although it is important to harmonise the overall expectations of the individual client and the organisation from the coaching programme, the actual content of each session remains strictly confidential between the person and his coach. This ensures that issues are explored deeply, honestly and with a lasting result.
Exhibition & Counter Sales Training

Successful exhibition and in-store marketing can only be achieved through motivated and well-trained staff. A well-developed counter marketing campaign will deliver high quality leads and project a professional image of your company. At Adams & Associates we have extensive experience built over many years in developing cost-effective and highly profitable counter operations.

Effective lead generating at counter merchandising points, is one of the most difficult forms of selling, and yet within many companies little actual training is given. You will often find staff near the exit of a DIY store or wholesaler, who seem unsure of what to do, hoping that just by being there they may trip over a potential prospect. They are their company's ambassadors!

OTC Sales
At Adams & Associates we believe sound sales procedures delivered by motivated well-trained personnel is critical to success in this medium. Contrary to popular belief, nobody minds being sold a product; they do mind being sold to, and they resent being pushed into a purchase. A successfully presented and well sold product, will not only leave a company with a satisfied customer, but also with a rich source of future referrals.

Our comprehensive service includes: -

  • Developing Exhibition and Counter strategy and materials.
  • Training Senior Managers in managing and motivating Exhibition Staff.
  • Training Exhibition personnel to deliver results.
  • Training in effective follow-up procedures to increase sales.
  • Developing effective lead tracking systems.

In Successful Exhibition Sales, Everyone is a Winner !

Management Training

MIT - Manager in Transition

Today, more than ever, the single factor which allows one company to be more successful that its competitors, is...the quality of its managers. Sound leadership is the most effective but least expensive means of increasing productivity and underpins consistent bottom line success.

MIT - Developing your company's future

A unique six-day course, MIT guarantees to 'Change the way your managers, and future managers view their roles and responsibilities.' Each 'power packed' session is a blend of theory, role play and projects - it is highly interactive and requires total commitment. The result - managers when have the confidence and the tools to perform consistently as leaders within their company and first and foremost their teams.

Key Topics: -

  • Achievement is journey, not a destination
  • What makes Success
  • The Formula for Personal Growth
  • Management versus Leadership
  • Better Communication Skills
  • Adopting Better Habits
  • Public Speaking - overcoming the fear
  • Developing Theatrical Flair
  • Assertive not Aggressive
  • Effective Delegation
  • Avoiding Stress by learning how to get it done
  • Managing versus Motivating

MIT - Empowering your managers for the future !
Fair & Legal HR Practices

The Challenge - UK employment law is becoming more complex, and increasingly European law is further complicating matters. For small to medium sized companies keeping up with current legislation is a daunting responsibility. Those who ignore them, often face the time and expense of an Industrial Tribunal. There is a simple solution…

Employment Law Solutions

Adams & Associates believes that planning is essential to ensure the smooth implementation of current and future employment law. Our experts are fully versed in all the complexities that face businesses today, but in addition, through our contacts, we are able to plan for future directives and legislation. We offer a consultation to carry out a health check on existing employment contracts and handbooks to determine how they should be revised to be completely up to date and in line with the latest legislation from the UK and Europe. We can also advise on health and safety at work, produce policy statements and carry out checks on compliance issues required by regulations.

Additional Services

  • The design and establishment of representational structures that follow the partnership model and reflect the European Works Council Directive.
  • We are well equipped to help companies deal with the difficulties of being taken to employment tribunals and avoid having to appear in court.

Strategic Planning

Adams and Associates has developed a fast and effective way to help you to identify the underlying causes of business problems and to help create or confirm your business strategy.

Through a programme of facilitated meetings and interviews, with questionnaires tailored to your business needs, we will help you to identify the actions and develop the changes you need to adopt when addressing the many issues facing companies today, i.e.

  • Business strategy and goals
  • Effective management performance
  • Competition and marketing
  • Client retention and growth
  • Recruitment and retention of personnel
  • Effective use of technology and resources

At Adams and Associates we are 'practical people' not 'theorists'. Our consultants are business people running a business consultancy as a business who want to fully understand your issues and deliver practical advice and solutions.
Market Research

In today's business climate, it is essential for companies who hope to compete to keep on track with market developments. Increasingly, the ability for a company to survive and grow will depend upon developing a total sensitivity to changes in the market place, as and when they arise.

By reviewing your marketing and customer service objectives with you, Adams & Associates can help you to identify in precise terms exactly what your company wants to achieve, over a realistic time-scale, according to your budget.

We can design, cost and conduct qualitative or quantitative studies as deemed appropriate, and can assist in the interpretation of findings / provide support in implementing the required action.
Adams & Associates Research Service includes:

  • Telemarketing Script and Questionnaire Design
  • Telemarketing
  • Field Research
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Competition
  • Market Segmentation and Analysis
  • Target Markets
  • Supply and Demand